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Renforth Baptist Church

627 Burnhamthorpe Road West

Toronto, ON M9C 2Y9

Pastor Dr. Andrzej SEWERYN

Tel: 416-835-6436

Service – Sunday 1 pm

Church meeting – Saturday 7:00 pm

Home Bible Study Group – Thursday 7:30 pm (call to pastor)



New pastor In Polish Christian Baptist Church in Toronto


Andrzej SEWERYN (born 1953), doctor of theology (Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw), graduated University of Warsaw, Baptist Theological Seminary, pastor in two local baptist churches in Poland (1981-1999), President of the Baptist Union of Poland (1999-2007), Rector of Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary (2009-2013).

Besides writing numerous articles and reviews, he has authored On the Way of Dialogue. The Ecumenical Involvement of the Baptist Union of Poland as a Member of the Polish Ecumenical Council over the Years 1945-1989 (2006), Lexicon of the Baptists in Poland after 1945 Year (2007), The History of the Baptist Church in Ketrzyn over the Years 1898-2008 (2008), The History of the Baptist Church in Chelm over the Years 1910-2010 (2010), Love truth and peace. The history of the First Baptist Church in Warsaw over the Years 1871-2011 (2011).


His wife Ewa (born 1959) is a pharmacist. In 2007 she graduated Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary – Bachelor of Arts in Baptist Theology. Together with her husband she also graduated Institute of Inductive Bible Study organized by Precept Ministries International. As a couple they are very experienced leaders of many home Bible study groups, seminars for married couples and seminars of Inductive Bible Studies.

They are married 35 years and both serve to the Lord. They have three children - 2 sons: Adam and Kamil (they live in Warsaw with their families) and one daughter Monika – next year she will finish two master programs in Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City (USA). They have also 3 granddaughters: Sara, Olivia and Natalia.







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